Reseller Program

A smart answer to a well-known problem.

Certainly this is not an uncommon event in your business: Right before the weekend one of your best customers needs new business cards for an urgent trip. Of course you do not mind profitability and you get the job done quickly - your customer simply expects this kind of service from you.

Having the PROMAXX system installed, you and your customer will enjoy a relaxed weekend. Simply because the PROMAXX system has these built-in advantages:

  • It gives your customers the choice to print new cards anytime
  • You omit small, unprofitable rush orders
  • And you sell a proven quality product - with fair profit
Sample Service:

As a registered reseller you are our preferred partner:

  • We will equip you with sufficient samples to perform printing tests. We have reference guides for your first trial. You can also rely on our inhouse experts.
  • You benefit from a seperate pricelist for resellers.
  • Your clients are free to use the PrintDesigner2 software at no charge.
  • And we will give you legal customer protection upon request.

Synergy effect.

PROMAXX Business Card sheets can be converted like nomal card products in your offset press. You preprint the company logo and all fixed data. 1-2-3-4 coulor or even blind embossing. Experience perfect register! The sheets are available in 3 card-sizes, and in 195, 225, 250 and 300gr./qm. Your customer uses his b/w laser printer to complete the cards with name, title, address and telecommunication data. We offer a free design software to manage the imprint with no hassle.

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