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Promaxx business cards are sold directly from our manufacturing site. We convert stock with different gauges; from 195gr/qm to 300gr./qm. Ask us for free samples to test on your equipment.

For most of our customers we complete the sheets with their logo and other non variable data. Our clients then complete the cards by adding name, title and communication data. The reverse side remains available for the QR-code or data in a second language. Alternatively you can order blank precut sheets and add the company logo in your own print facility or you run the complete card through your colour laser printer. Your order for blank precut sheets may be placed at our COOL PRINTING online-shop or you contact us at PROMAXX.

We will be pleased to give you an individual quote for your demand. Simply give us a call.

For general orientation, please see this exemplary quote:

2.000 sheets (20.000 cards) per sheet 0,69
Logo-preprinting, offset 2-colour, per sheet 0,24
Total cost per 100 business cards* 9,30

* First order please add one time charge for repetitive text mounting per sheet € 0,032

Please consider these advantages:

  • Your business cards are always up-to-date
  • No waiting if you are in a hurry
  • Even small numbers of cards with no extra cost


Key to the proprietory manufacturing process of our business card sheets is an enhenced rotary cutting process. The inline conversion of the raw material includes die-cutting, printing, application of adhesive tapes and automatic quality control. In a final step the product goes through offset printing, if required, and packing in custom designed folding cartons.

You like to receive a firm quotation? We look forward to your contact..

Anita Paulini,
Verena Schauerbeck

0049 89 30758697