The ClixxPixx System

Making a photobook never before was so easy.

It takes an investment of less than € 1.000 to put you into this business over night. Your learning curve ist very short: The prints from your minilab are sealed to become double pages using the DoublePageMaker (see right) then you cut the binding holes with the Drillpunch (below right), the pages then are inserted into the bookcover. Finished. After making 5 books, you are a pro!

There are two different cover systems:
Covers Pro2 - for traditional albums with up to 32 pages and covers Digi4 - for double sides prints from drylabs or books with less pages. Formats go from 4x6inch to 12x16inch.

You plan to install a drylab?

If so, have a look at our Digi4 covers. They are made exactly for this. And of course, the first step of doubling the single pages is omitted. This means: making an album becomes even faster.

Initial Training?

To talk about „training“ is almost stretching the subject, because you will master the system in a very short time. We give you very detailed operating instructions and are on hand if you have any query. Would you like to get more details about the machines? Here is the link to a full operating instruction:
>> Our promise: it takes less than half a dozend books and you are fully experienced.

Only 3 steps.

Forget what you have heard or seen so far about photobook making. This system is different. The few steps to the finished album are a „childs play“. Promise!