The book covers.

Sixty one options to find the perfect photo book cover for your customer.

The ClixxPixx System is designed to work with fully premounted book covers. The pages are firmly held by the proprietary ring system. The range includes covers from 4x6 inch to 12x16 inch, over 60 covers in total. You will find book covers with budget price as well as ones that meet high standards. Some are fully handmade, others show real leather face sides. You find covers for celebrations and for baby pictures. We included even one for Valentine.

As an initial customer it is easy for you to check all covers of interest: You can order each cover as a sample and still receive your full resellers discount. On the page below we show our selection, grouped into different types and makes.

Selection Transparent Silk

Transparent Silk covers are the all-rounder in our range. Their non-committing and transparent appearance is convincing and they give full access to the first page. Although our lowest prices range, with their smooth, silky finish, Transparent Silk always makes a good album.

Selection Shantung

The base material for Shantung covers comes from a very traditional English paper mill. It carries a both-sided blind embossing pattern and a matte protective layer. Part of the manufacturing process is the merging of two layers to a 650gr. substrate, which increases its rigidity. We offer this line in Sahara, Vermillion Red and Anthracite.

Selection BiColour Leather und WhiteBoard GrandArt

This cover range is made from material made to our specification by Salamander. It is a black compound leather with embossed surface and an interior trim in „Saddle“. In combination with real chrome plated rings a truly attractive frame for valuable albums. The exclusive 650gr. stock „WhiteBoard Grand Art“ is also  merged from two layers of raw material with dedicated matte surface.

Selection Real Leather Compound

This is the second product based on a raw material from our authorized supplier Salamander. This compound leather product has a gauge of 2,3mm. Precise cutting and trimming for window and seams together with a velvet-like interior fitting result in an elegant album with „modern flair“.

Selection Bookbinder Folio Hardcover

„Traditional craftsmanship“ and „handmade to bookbinder quality standards“ are the header for these very fine covers. 2,8 mm total gauge, silky matte surface with protective layer and hidden binding rings are additional features. The white version is often choosed as wedding album.

Selection Privée-Line Covers

Purposely we developed this cover-range without a window but with a closing strap and a press button fastener. The fresh youthful model with white/orange contrast, complimented by each a version with a face of „structured black“ and „medium brown“; both with interior fitting in „tan“. All covers with true border stitching.

Selection Shantung LinenArt „Edition“

This is the right section to look for special event items. The covers in 8x8 inch format are provided with a front window in the form of a heart. CandyPink, AzureBlue und Vermillion Red are eligible colours for those versions. Other details identical to series „Shantung“.

Pro2 and Digi4.

The selection of ClixxPixx book covers splits into 2 different sizes of spines. Some
customers want more pages in the book, others less. Pro2 are the covers with a
capacity of up to 8,5mm. Digi4 have the narrow spine with the chrome clasp. These have a capacity of 5,3mm.