Purchase decision:

Every investment should have a sound return.

To make things very simple for you, we have put together a machine kit for you, for which we extend a special price offer. The set contains (truly) everything that you need to start right away. With your purchase we include book covers of your choice at a value of € 25,00 for free.

Machine kit „Full Range“

Containes 3 machines plus complete accessory package:

  • DoublePageMaker XL+ Drillpunch Pro2 4-12“ + Drillpunch Digi4,
  • Alignment blocks 4“, 5“, 6“ 8“ 12“
  • 294m highperformance adhesive tape (Usage per book 8inch high/30 pages: 3,1 m)
  • 2 SparePunchingDieSets Pro2 + 2 SparePunchingDieSets Digi4
  • 20 CounterPressureDiscs, Magnet, Cleaning brush, detailled operating instructions.

Pricelist book covers

Software - absolutely!

Our book making system and our software operate independently. Still, the GrandScope 5.0 software offers imcomparable advantages to you.

Top investment.

If you are utilizing only one line of book covers (Digi4 or Pro2) or if you operate a drylab for double sided printing, you possibly only need 1 or 2 machines. We will be glad to advise. Even purchasing a „full range“ machine set means that you can expect amortisation of your investment within the first 50 books you make.

Running cost.

The only cost item that accrues during operation, is the special adhesive tape. Your intitial purchase includes appr. 300m tape. The replacement pack costs € 49,20. With this supply you can manufacture close to 100 books 8x12 inch with each 30 pages. The cost per book is appr. € 0,45.