Software tool GrandScope 5.0

A design software that carries your name.
And which you can distribute for free.

The Clixx´Pixx Album DesignSuite is the ideal tool, to make an attractive photobook even the very first time. The software enjoys an excellent reputation in the trade due to its simplicity and user friendliness. Your customers will quickly adapt to working with it. Simply select a layout, pull in pictures via drag&drop, enlarge, move, change and add some text. This software comes in a combination package:

  • DesignSuite ProLab für photographers, photostudios and minilab owners
  • DesignSuite Home for your customers, including order function

DesignSuite Home is a free software for your customers. It offers all functions of the master version, but has no JPG-export or print function. Your customers can design a photobook, save it on their computer and send it to you online onto your server or bring it on CD and USB stick. To protect your customer base, the files are encrypted and can be opened from you only.

GrandScope 5.0 ProLab is your master tool. Of course it includes all functions of the DesignSuite Home. In addition (see illustration on the right) you can individualize the master version to you desire. With ProLab you open the customer files and enhance pictures if required. Then you export the book file in JPG format, in order to print it our on your minilab.

This is, what you can individualize:

  • Name of software
  • Your own logo
  • Set your language(s) (from our pool)
  • Eliminate covers you do not want to sell
  • Duplicate products to add matte/glossy paper options
  • Set maximum pages per book
  • Change product description to your liking
  • Change the product pictures, add your own
  • Add your own product code
  • Set your selling price in your currency

These are functional options:

  • Enhance customer images by external programs (like Photoshop*)
  • Change print format retractively
  • Use new „RGB“ filter for high/low values
  • Calendar-Software inclusive, mark local holidays and birthdays
  • Option to print out single/double pages

These are product options:

  • Add one or more branch stores
  • Add FTP download for customer files
  • For payment, add link to your website (under development)
These are fixed, unchangeable modules:
  • Book/Page sizes, calendar formats
  • Page layouts, calendar layouts
  • Background pictures

Summary of most relevant features:

Shop Customization:
  • Name of software and startscreenlogo to be choosen by shopmanagement
  • Individualized startscreen logo will appear on every working screen Promaxx supplier file of covers may be totally customized with individual text, article numbers, prices and pictures
  • Complete online order function available as an option (FTP-Server required) (not including payment arrangement)
  • Maximum number of pages per album to be set individually
Page Design:
  • Formats (height x width): 4x6“, 5x7“, 6x6“, 6x8“, 6x9“, 8x8“, 8x10“, 8x12“, 12x12“, 12x16“,
  • A4 Portrait and Landscape
  • More than 100 predefined page templates, grouped in categories such as „Traditional“, „Borderless” , „Portfolio“ and „Index Album“ as well panorama layouts
  • Page layouts interchangeable (photos will be regrouped automatically)
  • Inserts empty pages between current pages
  • Change of sequence of designed pages
  • Page layouts can be mirrored horizontally and vertically
  • Select colours, colour gradients and images as background
  • Choose picture frames , frame colour and line thickness
  • Adjust picture shadow: shadow transparency and size
Picture Placement and Manipulation:
  • Import of BMP, JPG, JPEG, TIF, GIF und PNG files; in RGB oder CMYK, yet no RAW.
  • Position pictures in album with drag and drop
  • Photos used will automatically be marked
  • If desired: a group of selected pictures is placed in the book by software routine
  • Zooming and moving of detail with scroll wheel
  • Warning for low resolution (minimum pixel) by „traffic light system“ green/yellow/red
  • Switch pictures between two positions (drag & drop)
  • Rotate pictures (clockwise/ counter clockwise)
  • Graphic filters: brightness, contrast, intensity, gamma/colour tint, saturation, black/white/coloration/ „remove red eye“ feature
  • Adjust photos horizontally with built in tool
Text Editing:
  • Tool for coloured and rotatable text, with/without shadow, supporting all PC fonts
Picture Calendar:
  • Design of picture calendars in these formats: 4x6“ table top, 8x12“ and A3 Portrait/wall
  • 7 different calendar layouts with black and white background
  • Calendar with 12 or more month; for example from June to September
  • Automatic calendar update for next 5 years
  • Individual „special“ days may be marked
General Features:
  • Redo function for at least 20 steps
  • Index album design template with printout of filenames Preview mode (fullscreen) for photo book and calendar
  • Online Update reminder after start of program
  • Customer projects are being stored as .pmp files, may be reopened for further design work (cannot be used for orders!!)
  • Photo book orders to be saved on CD or USB drive in .pex file format
Internal Dealer´s Features:
  • Encrypted orders for maximum protection of client relationship
  • Licence to distribute customer version to unlimited number of clients
  • CD-master to create customer versions (incl. autostart-dialog and how-to-do video)
  • Open encrypted customer orders on CD and USB drive (.pex)
  • Export JPEG RGB images as single pages in 300 dpi resolution
  • Place order via internet on dealer´s FTP server (option)
  • Export customer pictures to any high grade image enhancement program, manipulate and reimport files into photobook

Your customers will love this:

Simply start with choosing a product from the shop portfolio and decide on a layout scheme to start with......

Select the file with your favoured pictures and fill the layout by drag-and-drop........ .... change layouts while you are designing - choosen pictures will pop into the new spaces - or mark several pictures and pull them into the album.....

.... add frames and shadows to your pictures for more effect or place a selected picture as background -- for added visual impact -- try to make this in b/w with colour pictures on top - very imposing! Enhance the quality of your shots by using a variety of graphic filters.......

.... insert blank pages wherever you desire to add more pictures of a certain context or swap pages to make the storyline more meaningful.....
...... and tell your strip meaningful by adding information in any type style, size or colour you like!

Before you place the order, use the PREVIEW feature to make sure all pages look like you want them to look.

The ordering dialogue provides the opportunity, to change the originally selected cover, to add additional copies of the album in smaller sizes - it also calculates the total price of the purchase .

The book is designated by title, personal data is added and customer decides where to pick up the finished book (if such option is offered) .

In a final step the user decides how to transfer the data - via CD, Flashdisk (USB-stick) or via FTP server .


The master version is stored in a cloud. With your entry code you can make it your own individual version: Some key steps to do so are explained below:

1. You may set one or more language(s), define your own name for the software and add your individual logo.
2. Add the address of your store, in order to keep in personal touch with your customers.
3. Arrange you own set of covers which you want to offer to your clientele.
4. Set your own prices for the books: Product name, number of pages, type of paper and price.
Which formats are possible:

Book/page layouts are integrated in a fixed/preset modus. In total there are 12
formats, from 4x6 inch to 12x16 inch. Your client will surely find a format of his liking.

GrandScope 5.0 works with the following preset bookformats:
(Dimensions in inches)

4 x 6 8 x 8 Calendars:
5 x 7 8 x 10 4 x 6
6 x 6 8 x 12 8x12
6 x 8 12 x 12 A3
6 x 9 12 x 16
A4 Portrait
A4 Landscape

System Requirements:


  • Microsoft Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista or Windows7
  • Pentium Prozessor 1000 MHZ or faster
  • 1.024 MB RAM or more, 100 MB free disc space for installation


With the purchase of the software combination pack you are obtaining the right, to distribute the individualized home version of the software in a unlimited number to customers or prospects, either via download from your website or via CD/DVD .


The GrandScope 5.0 software is available in a full version for testing all its features. When pages are printed, a watermark is integrated. We will remove this after you decided for a final installation. All settings remain intact; thus, after purchase you are ready to go.

Independent Version:

Often GrandScope 5.0 is used by manufacturers of other book making systems. Pleaase contact us for the details. The prices for this version are listed below.

Software pricing:

You will require a separate software for each shop, branch or location. The system my be installed on up to 2 computers.

Software GrandScope 5.0

Complete License Package for download from our server (After purchase you receive a code to activate the software) Including free server access for 60 month
Including free updates via download until a new master version is created. Per individual shop, branch or location with machinesystem installation

56-5007 439,95

Add-on License

Add-on license for additional shop, branch or location

56-5010 69,95

Internet Order Function

We integrate your FTP-server into the order function of the software - which enables customers to send orders via internet directly to your server. One time charge per company or division

56-5008 346,95

Freelance Independent Version

Independent copy of software; not tied to purchase of Clixx´Pixx covers; it will entitle you to offer your own book creations within the sizes available

56-5011 869,95

Yearly service charge after initial 60 month period

With this charge you obtain the right to continue to utilize the software after 60 month from initial purchase. This charge covers utilization of server, system maintenance and support. We quarantee system availablility in the line with industry standard. Costs per year, invoiced for periods of 36 month.

56-5013 29,95