Above average margins.

Expect a lucrative return on investment.

Offering your customer a top product will pay out twice. First, he is prepared to pay a fair price. And secondly he will keep you in his mind with a positive notion. Take the example illustrated below or any other variation. All products lead to a gross margin of 150%. This is realistic, though: Your are jumping over one step in the added value chain. And you are offering a special service to your client: His book is ready the next day. Even if you are making a transaction though postal services: You are building a lasting relationship that can not be achieved otherwise.

Exemplary calculation:
Photobook/Album 8x10 inch, 30 pages, Hardcover
Paper usage: Kodak Royal (€ 1,89/m²) 1,62m² consumption 3,07
Overhead expenses Minilab (40%) 1,23
Bookcover Shantung 650gr.* 3,54
Assembly (Labour 15,00/hr.) Total time for setup, drill punching and binding 10min. 2,50
Tape usage for doubling pages 15 x 203mm = 3,0m x € 0,15/m 0,45
Total manufacturing cost 10,79
Average Market selling price: 28,00
Your gross margin: 159%
TrailerLocks (right)

These small transparent plastic precuts serve a double purpose: They facilitate closing an album and they carry your individual advertising message.


Your minilab is the high quality source for the best photobook pages money can buy. No digital image, no offset print pattern, but pure lab excellence. You also want to strengthen the name and location of your facility and not the logo of a mass supplier. What is more obvious then as choosing a book making system that distinguishes you as a specialiced service center? Moreover: The software that you offer your clients free for download carries your name and your product specifications. And the „TrailerLocks“ (picture below) used at the end of the book show your individual message to commemorate the user about your company. More info under downloads - TrailerLocks.