The RSC System

No compromise on the way to perfection.

We call it „reverse-seal-cut“ technology. You may call it a clever idea. Yet it is the only way to produce this product without applying lacquer, adhesive or plastic foil to the card. The cards look like the ones from your offset printer. And they remain printable on both sides. Like they should. And most appealing: You retext and print them in 10 minutes.

High quality paper, perfect cut.

Perfect cutting.

The Idea.

It was in 1994: Two creative heads, inventor M. Elzner and business graduate P. Kirchberger had the sparking idea to eliminate the micro perforation in business card sheets used at that time. This also was the initial beginning of the company. A small pilot production was startet in 1995 under laboratory conditions. Shortly after this, the first production sheets came off a newly designed production line.

New colleague?
New employee?

His/her business cards are ready when they start. Relocation, promotion? Quicker than moving the cartons: cards with the new, correct data. You ran out of cards? No big thing. It will be a matter of minutes. Plus the bonus: Your cards will carry the new, automatically generated QR-code, which moves all relevant data on to the smartphone of your business partner.