Sizes and materials

Worldwide established sizes and controlled quality.

Our exclusive stock for business cards comes from a leading manufacturer of precious types of paper in Europe. This company undertakes serious efforts to purchase „woodpulp“ (the most critical ingredient) only from sources that can prove serious and environmentally conscious management of timber management.

With base weights of 195, 225, 250  and 300g, this exclusive stock is produced by Tullis Russell, England to Promaxx specification.
Business cards are produced in various sizes.
According to our experience in working with global partners, we manufacture to international standards.

These are our formats:

printable both sides
A4 10 Cards
printable both sides
A4 10 Cards
Euro-Format, rounded corners
86x54mm, 4mm corner-radius
printable both sides
A4 10 Cards

EFC (Elementarchlorfrei)

Consistant with current state of the art, the papers Promaxx is using are all „elementarchlorfrei“. Their high grade of whiteness and their sophisticated surface structure are achieved by environmentally sound processes.

The Forest Steward Ship Council is an internationally active non profit organisation that has developed and introduced the first system for responsible and environmentally compatible forestry. The organization operates and continuously improves its processes. FSC resumes control function in the chain from sustainable vegetable product to processing the finished paper product in the print house. Full documentation back to the origin of wood pulp must exist, if a paper is to carry the FSC label.

„FSC Mix Credit“

PROMAXX converts paper with FSC mix credit identification. Thus, the paper we are using is manufactured under a quantity mix trade balance. For instance, 70% certified sources are used together with 30% uncertified.