Imprinting variable text

Name, title, communication data.

PROMAXX business card sheets can be imprinted with any b/w or colour laser printer. Please check maximum approved paper weight in your printer manual prior to your order. We also send you free samples for your testing. You would like to test our PrintDesigner2 software? Here is a free download

You work with your own program?

PROMAXX business cards are like an open source system. You can work with any other software you prefer. Some of our clients work with high-end colour laser printers and print logo and variable information in one pass. We supply blank white sheets for these applications.

„When starting with our system, you should not waste valuable time by designing any templates. PROMAXX design software operates with templates that we design for you. Only names and other data are entered.“


Quick and simple:

Our PrintDesigner2 is a card and label design software, that you can test and operate for free. We even supply a customized template designed exactly to your needs. It contains all text field of your current card. You simply complete the required data in every field and print the number of cards desired. The QR-code on the reverse side has its own template. Also this template is free of charge. Simply get in touch with us.

If you have a free minute, give us a call; we will be pleased to answer any questions you might have.