Comparing cost

A straight and square deal - from any angle.

Your choice A
You are placing your order with the print shop of your choice.  Anytime you need cards, or when some data change, you contact them.
Assumption:Paper quality: Business card paper stock white 250 gr./qm, Creditcard size Printing Offset 2-colour on face side 1 colour QR code on reverse side
Order size:      
300 cards, 1 design  
Cost: (Survey spring 2012)  
  Print shop A 153,18
  Print shop B 149,00
  Cost of 50 cards in average 25,18
Your choice B
You have implemented the PROMAXX RSC System Paper quality: Highwhite Cool Edition business card stock 250gr./qm, Creditcard size Logo printing Offset 2-colour on face side
Cost: 300 sheets A4 forms (3.000 cards) 255,00
Offset preprinting 230,00
One time charge data arrangement 32,00
In total 517,00
50 preprinted cards cost 8,61
Utilization of laser printer per page€ 0,03 0,30
Cost of 50 completed cards 8,91
Order quantities:

PROMAXX business card sheets are best ordered in quantities that match your usage over a period of 24 month. Since the preprinted product contains only logo and fixed data, no outdated cards occur.

Home field advantage.

Promaxx Business Cards are truly competitive in price and total cost. But you get these additional advantages free of charge:

  • New business cards are printed in 10 minutes. No transcription errors. No callbacks. No waiting.
  • Business cards are no longer a privilege. Print small quantities at reasonable cost even for occasional use.
  • This way you save cost but not at the expense of your image.

IMPORTANT: On purpose we have not included online-printshops. The costs you find there refer to predesigned layouts, which in general only fit private requirements. If companies order online, it is expected that complete printing data is supplied.